Alex James: The Short Film Director

9 May, 2013 12:03am

Musician, writer, cheesemaker. And now, a filmmaker. Yep, that's right. Filmmaker. Blur bass man Alex James has written, directed, scored and starred in his very own short film to celebrate the official launch of Virgin Media Shorts 2013.

Shot around the glorious Los Angeles in March and armed with a Nikon D5200 camera and the simple brief ‘Life is Short’, Alex returned with his jubilant 2 minute 20 second creation, A Slice of Life. He even wrote the film's song Superordinator, an exclusive track that served as part of the film's inspiration.

Explaining where he got the idea from, Alex told us,"I was in LA listening to the track on my headphones. The more I listened to it, the more it chimed with the sunshine and atmosphere of the city. So I decided to make a film about being carefree and happy, with a punchline that brings it all back to earth - the concept being life is short, but music endures."

As you can see, Alex's movie-making debut is a hugely fun, upbeat slice of sun-drenched Californian life. We especially like the Big-inspired visit to the Zoltar fortune teller machine.

"I’ve always been interested in film but had never got around to trying it for myself. Like everything else, it starts with an idea and as music is so much part of my life, it quickly became the focus of the short" Alex continued. "I really enjoyed the whole film-making process, it was very accessible and a lot of fun.”

A Slice of Life is the perfect way to kick off our sixth, and biggest, year. And remember, entry to the competition is open until July 18th, so if Alex James' filmmaking shenanigans have inspired you, you've got plenty of time to enter your own short film.


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