The greatest movie moments

1 May, 2012 4:36pm

Alison Jackson & Virgin Media Shorts collaborate to celebrate great film moments

So you lot have uploaded some pretty good films so far, and we love seeing what you can do. But now we've got a film to show you! We’ve been working with acclaimed photographer and film maker Alison Jackson, to update our favourite film moments. We drew inspiration from Psycho and The King’s Speech, adding Alison's take on iconic scenes with a modern twist and directing a short film to tell the story behind the process.

Commenting on her involvement, Alison Jackson said: “When asked to create a short film to inspire the next generation of film makers, I wanted to juxtapose the old with the new and suggest how they may be interpreted today, fusing my style of work with the techniques of the greats like Hitchcock. Virgin Media Shorts is a fantastic platform for budding film makers to showcase their work to a huge audience and hopefully my interpretation inspires them to get involved.”

The iconic scene where King George VI (Colin Firth) and Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) rehearse for the culminating speech in Oscar nominated The King’s Speech was given a modern twist, featuring ‘Kate Middleton’ and ‘Prince William’ in the roles of Colin Firth and Helen Bonham Carter, at 33 Portland Place, the exact location of the original film. Alison brought her sense of humour to the scene, capturing ‘Kate’ reclining on a chaise lounge applying lipstick rather than playing the doting wife. Alison commented, “Wills and Kate are without a doubt the most high profile Royals of our time as well as the most approachable, which is why I used humour to reflect their relaxed image.”


Alison also paid homage to one of the most successful British film makers in history, Hitchcock, recreating his iconic shower scene in Psycho. She replaced one of his favourite actresses, Janet Leigh, with ‘Kate Winslet’, explaining, “For me, Hitchcock is without a doubt one of the most talented British film makers in history, what can be more inspiring to the next generation of film makers? I reworked this with a modern day icon, Kate Winslet, because as an English actress she too has achieved awe-inspiring success. If Hitchcock was alive today I like to think he might have cast her himself.”



So what are your favourite film moments of all time? And how would you update them for 2012? Tweet us your scenarios or photos (with #ClassicsIn2012) or leave us a note on Facebook for the chance to win a Picturehouse annual pass.

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