Pick of The Bunch by Live For Films

11 July, 2013 11:13am

For our latest 'Pick of The Bunch', we'd like you to put your hands together for our guest writer, Phil Edwards, editor of movie blog, Live for Films. Phil has been hard at work watching this year's entries, and he's chosen his ten favourites so far. He's even spotted a bit of a recurring theme too...

Pick Of The Bunch by Live For Films

Another year, another lot of great short films entered into the Virgin Media Shorts competition. Although I write a lot about films I find it incredibly difficult writing short films. To condense a story into just 2 brief minutes and 20 seconds is an incredible skill and all those on display have done an excellent job. To bring character, depth, laughter, chills, and thrills and wrap it all up is a true talent.

This year there does seem to be a lot of films dealing with life and death.






Looking back on what has gone before and wondering about what happens next.  An on-going theme that has been central to filmmaking and most forms of art over the years. Despite it being such an age old theme, many of these short films dealing with it in the competition bring something fresh and vibrant to the tale.

To make such bold statements or relate those thoughts that all of us have in 140 seconds is no mean feat. and yet it is done over and over again by some extremely clever filmmakers.

The style and range of films on offer is truly breath-taking. Every conceivable style and genre seems to be on display and it is great to see a number of animated shorts in the mix.






I only picked ten films from the huge selection available, but every single film entered into the competition is worth a watch.

Behind those all too short minutes lie hours of work – writing, organising, filming, editing and so much more. Blood, sweat and tears will have been shed during the production of many of the films on offer and each short has highs and lows that make them all incredible viewing.






To all of those who have entered we salute you and your incredible skills.

Live For Film's Pick of The Bunch is:

About Phil Edwards and Live for Films:

Live for Films (LFF) began back in 2008 when my friends got sick of the constant emails telling them all about the latest movie news. It turns out lots of people around the world happened to like what we are doing and it is now one of the most influential movie sites in the UK.

We have a crack team of writers and reviewers based around the globe, ready at a moments notice to attend screenings, interview film stars and watch films dreadful films so you don't have to!

We aim to bring you the most interesting, fun, cool and strange movie news.

Phil Edwards – Live for Films

Opinions expressed in this article and the highlighting of certain short film competition entries, reflect the opinions of the author and they are not necessarily those of Virgin Media Limited nor those of the Virgin Media Short Film Competition judging panel. The opinions and choices are those of film blogger Phil Edwards who is appearing here as a guest writer. 

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