Blast from the past: The Black Hole Q&A

25 June, 2012 12:21pm

As we approach the Shorts 2012 deadline, we thought we'd throw a bit of last minute inspiration your way in the shape of the original Q&A's our winners answered when they first heard they'd made the shortlist. This week, Phil Sansom and Olly Williams of The Black Hole fame.


Virgin Media Shorts Finalist Q&A - 2008

Where did your film idea come from? What inspired you?  

The Acme Black Hole from Roadrunner cartoons and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Also the frustrations of wanting things you can never seem to get your hands on. The Swiss Linear Particle Accelerator was also being developed at the time we were writing – something about making our own black hole clicked in our heads.

How long did it take to make?

It was shot in one day from 10am until 8pm. The edit and post was done in one week.    

What did you find most challenging about the film making process?

The time limit and the PG rating were the biggest challenges in terms of an idea. In production terms, the lack of funding and huge favours we had to pull made it hard to keep production levels to a high standard – when you’re operating on a shoestring its really hard to make things look professional and well finished.

What was the best part of the process?

The shoot itself is always the best part, seeing your ideas come to life, working with the crew and actor to get the best out of the facilities you have available. Writing it was also fun - mind you we love the edit, art direction, sound design and post-production process too. Guess we just love film making!

Would you do anything differently if you could do it again?

No. It was such a quick turn around that you have to just let things happen as they do. I don’t think we could have done any better under the circumstances.

Who are your film influences?

Directors: Fellini, Tarantino, Ridley Scott, Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, Spielburg, Godard, Woody Allen, the list goes on.

Films: Alien, The Shining, Ed Wood, 8½, Wings Of Desire, Bladerunner, China Town, Rushmore, Fight Club, Kill Bill, The 10th Victim, Diving Bell & The Butterfly, Weekend, Trainspotting, Teen Wolf, Back To The Future.

How do you feel having made the shortlist?

It’s great news! It feels brilliant to have made something that people really enjoy watching. It makes the hard work seem worthwhile.

What is your favourite of the other shortlisted films and why?

We like ‘The Big Push’it’s such a perfect short idea – uplifting and hilarious, great sound design too.

What’s the film project you would work on if you won the cash?

We’ve been working on an idea we had about a barber who has chronic hay fever, and the rather disastrous results it has for his customer. Saying that, winning the prize would change what we can achieve in terms of budget so we may go back to the drawing board and come up with something even more amazing. But whatever it is, we really would like to use more than one actor, develop the characters and start exploring dialogue.

After winning Virgin Media Shorts that year, Phil and Olly went on to make short film Archaeology with their winnings. Four years on, the boys are flying high in film land, directing adverts and music videos left, right and center.


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